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My name is

Rita Maniatis

I am a New Zealander, raised by Greek parents, now in London, attuned and certified as a Reiki and Rahanni Energy Healer, Spiritual & Life Coach, who is now running groups and Reiki sessions at my home in North London. 
In my desire to embrace and serve others and the community around me, I charge donations only - giving what you can afford.  I love what I do and what I do is to facilitate your wellbeing through cultivating energy flow, back to feeling better within yourself.  As we are all seeking to feel better, we do things in life in order to feel happy, to keep positive and hopeful. When we are out of harmony with life, with ourselves, we struggle. That is where we need a little help and that is where healing modalities are there to enable a reconnection, restoration of our natural, peaceful state, where all life force and harmony flows.  So, don't take my word for it, but do come and feel for yourself what Reiki can do for you...

Spiritual Seeker Development Groups - Rita's Place
(Weekly Wednesday from 7pm - 9pm)


 Hello friends. I am running weekly classes on Wednesday evenings from 7pm-9pm. The spiritual development sessions are designed for anyone seeking to develop more of an awareness and connection to the intuitive and spiritual self, and to their higher consciousness, through various techniques, meditations workshops and conversations at Rita's Place!

Every week there will be a new session to inspire and intrigue our inquisitive minds, with the focus on delving into the heart of our self, our intuitive self - leading to an awareness of ourselves and our inner and outer world around us, with plenty of light hearted laughter, along with tea and coffee of course! Keep tuned for the weekly sessions and please message me, as there will be a maximum capacity for these enlightening weekly sessions!  


Thank you, Rita xx 



 Fully clothed 30 minutes - 1hr session

Donation based cost

'Research has proven benefits of a 30 minute reiki session!  

Spiritual healing does work. It can dramatically improve symptoms of both

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), an independent study has concluded. It even worked for patients who were very sceptical about the healing, suggesting the improvements can't be due to the placebo effect,

say researchers from the University of Birmingham.


It was tested over a two-year period on a group of 200 hospital patients with IBS or IBD,

who either had five weekly healing sessions or were put on a waiting list.


Improvements were 'clinically significant', the researchers said, and were long-lasting, with most of the patients still reporting positive

effects up to 19 weeks after the sessions, which is when the study finished.


Those on the waiting list said there had been no change in their symptoms.


Spiritual healer Sandy Edwards instigated the study, which was funded with a £205,000

grant from the National Lottery. She described the study as "the largest clinical trial of

healing in the world."

Want to feel good, try our introductory offer to feel the benefits yourself!' We all need to feel good and restore our natural self to health. Healing energy, reiki, relaxation, balances this natural energy within in order for you to feel good. Based in  North London, I look forward to meeting with our local community, Rita.


Reiki Healing


"Thank you for your healing hands, I find it hard to relax with my stressful job, but i am surprised how i felt after a 20 minute session with you. I will be back!"

—  James


'Specialising in making people feel good is what Healer At Work does best!'



Rita Maniatis - North London, email:, mobile: 07771331089





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