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'Therapeutic Healing' Sessions At Rita's Place - North London

Greetings to my fellow London based neighbours!

Energy healing, is a beautiful, relaxing and often insightful modality, which helps bring you into a deeper connection with yourself. In our search for meaning in our lives, we often search outwards instead of inwards, which can sever our link to our natural intuitive self, to our awareness of how we are and what we need to do when we are out of kilter. We lose touch with this natural instinct within, when our minds take over our feeling centre - our intuitive self, and often try to correct it by making ourselves feel temporarily better by external means ie: social activities, adrenaline activities, alcohol etc, which may lead us further from feeling better in most cases...

Energy healing in form of Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, helps in our need to destress, relax and realign to ourselves. If we feel good in ourselves then it has a knock on effect to everyone else around us, so we can truly function in harmony within this busy world we live in. Energy Healing assists on many levels, to alleviate pain, help balance the mind and to help centre our body and mind and to reconnect to our heart - our happy centre! Yes, it can!


My session will focus on helping you to feel more in control and confident, to live a more full and vibrant life.


Together we will focus on:

- Decreasing pain
- Increasing your energy levels 
- Raising your self belief and confidence 
- Reducing anxiety and stress 
- Balancing your energy centres 
- Creating a more positive outlook


I am offering low session prices, as my aim is to reach many people, as there are many others in this trade who charge a lot for helping others, thus making it inaccessible to many who cannot afford to benefit from receiving treatments. 

That's it! I am happy to answer any other questions!

'My first session is donation based - give what you can and see how you feel... I know you will notice a difference!'

...About me - I am a New Zealand born Greekie, now in London and bringing energy healing into Arnos Grove! I have seen the results of this healing energy, helping all the lovely people who come to me already and so am confident that my purpose is to help you too!

Please contact me for a session, or to chat about my healing sessions.

Spiritual Development Groups - North London at Rita's Place

I warmly welcome you to come join my new 'Development Group' held in North London, providing a peaceful, safe space for you to connect with other like minded souls, to be able to expand and evolve with support and without judgement! This is a sacred space created for you. Each week you will be guided in your understanding of the connection between the mind, body and spirit.  We will delve into tarot, palmistry, intuitive development, psychometry,  crystal attunement, chakra energy healing, meditation and much more...


Rita's Place is a place of love and lots of laughter!

Development Circles: ‘Into The Flow Of Consciousness' 

Every Wednesday starting 10th May 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Weekly topics

























"Hi Rita, just quick SMS to say thank you for your magic. It's been 4 days now that I have been feeling so so well with a much higher level of energy and positivity. I just can't believe the big difference your session has made to my life. I no longer feel fatigue to the extent I did before 25% improvement... it's all very positive. Thanks so much and I look forward to talking with you about when we can do a next session!

I cannot recommend Rita highly enough. Rita's warm nature is


evident as soon as you meet her so any apprehensive feelings I had were instantly dismissed. I lead a very active life and enjoy martial arts, the gym and running. I had a lingering pain on my neck and left shoulder which I mentioned to Rita before the session began. I could strangely feel energy transferring through my body during the session as if I was being unblocked. The next day the pain had completely disappeared. I am 100% satisfied and would advise anyone visiting for a session to keep an open mind and enjoy the experience.

Kairen C 
I've been so busy lately that I really needed to relax and re-group. My first session with Rita worked wonderfully. She is a very gifted healer - Thank you.


What a great experience! I felt the energy and heat in certain areas and felt good all day. It was lovely to talk with Rita too. I will be back very soon.

Jazz Dynamo 
‘I was amazed how deeply relaxed I felt after just 15 minutes, and how the feeling stayed with me for the rest of the day – very glad to have given it a go!’

Thank you Rita for making me feel so at ease for my first Reiki session with you. I will highly recommend you to anybody who is interested in having treatment.

Mark A 
‘A great easy and convenient way to take time out and de-stress during a busy working day – left me feeling relaxed and re-energised’

I came to Rita with a stomach concern and she gave me a 20 minute Reiki on that area and told me that it takes 12-24 hours to feel the difference and I did! Efharisto Ritsa.

Palmistry Reading Group
Palmistry Reading Group

Learn to read your own palms, lines and fingers...

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Reiki Healing Sessions
Reiki Healing Sessions

30 - 1 hour fully clothed treatment at Rita's Place - donation charges

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Chakra Development Group
Chakra Development Group

Chakra Healing & Meditation Group

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Meditation of Presence
Meditation of Presence

Meditation of Presence

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Crystal Intuitive Attunement
Crystal Intuitive Attunement
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Enhancing Our Intuition Group
Enhancing Our Intuition Group
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