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Enhancing Our Intuition


Following on from our successful 'Developing Our Intuition' workshop is 'Enhancing Our Intuitive Abilities'. Creating confidence, cultivating faith in knowing, and practising your intuitive ability. In the workshop you will learn to read objects, people and receive guidance, whilst in a safe, friendly and welcoming group environment! 

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM 
Arnos Grove at Rita's Place 
Price: GBP £5.25 online or £7 at the door 
RSVP in advance as places are limited! 

There are a range of psychic and clairvoyant abilities with more and more people starting to develop them. Its available to everyone. Some examples of intuitive abilities are: 

• Clairvoyance: clear seeing 

• Clairaudience: clear hearing 

• Clairsentience: clear feeling 

• Session will include practising reading objects, people, tarot cards... 

This workshop suits those who are beginners to the advanced, and you are going to start discovering the tips to allow you to develop your natural intuitive abilities MORE to enhance your psychic and spiritual awareness. This leads to such a more joyful life and in some cases, profound changes. 

All meetups are undertaken in a positive and encouraging atmosphere where you develop at their own pace. 

The Special Topic: 'Enhancing Our Intuition' Development with meditation. 

You will have an opportunity to try your innate abilities and practise them. You will learn what sort of things in your life can enhance your ability too! 


Cost: £5.25 via paypal or £7 at the door. 
Please message for confirmation of place.

Please come along to a friendly and relaxing evening, along with nibbles and hot/cold drinks!