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Rita's Place - Spiritual Development Group


I warmly welcome you to come join my new 'Development Group' held in North London, providing a peaceful, safe space for you to connect with other like minded souls, to be able to expand and evolve with support and without judgement! This is a sacred space created for you. Each week you will be guided in your understanding of the connection between the mind, body and spirit. Rita's Place is a place of love and lots of laughter!

Development Circle: 

‘Into The Flow Of Consciousness' 
Every Wednesday starting 10th May 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

How to empower your life through connecting to the energy flow, to ourselves, through opening to connect to our guides and higher beings in the flow, with the heart. You may experience the most beautiful connection to yourself, to spirit and to the world around you, just by connecting with consciouness, be in the present, be in the flow!  We will cover various interesting topics that will enhance your natural abilities in a safe and friendly environment!

The main purpose of this development circle is:

a) Connecting to self through understanding our energy centres and by learning to reprogram old negative thoughts and feelings which affect our centres. How we can create harmony and realignment to our mind, body and spirit. We will delve intuition and guiding you through the how to connect safely and easily!  Alswll had object and learn how to harness our own hidden talents! We will also focus on our energy centres, with meditations specific to an area needing our attention for the week - be comfortable, dress comfortably.

b) How to regenerate our energy, using colours, essential oils, crystals and specific sounds, and meditation / affirmations. 

c) Group discussion and handouts (where applicable)

d) Tea/coffee and snacks

The Meetup is hosted by Rita - here to help!
If you have any questions, just text or call Rita on 07771331089


(Note: Generally donations are Cost: £5.25 via paypal or £7 at the door.)
Please message for confirmation of place.
( for £5.25 payment.  Thank you!

This is a private residence and PLEASE be on time.

Limited Spaces...

Thought for the day:


Once we see that our thoughts also affect the tension in our body and mind, we are able to become more aware of our thoughts, feelings, and body sensations, from moment to moment.  In this awareness we give ourselves the possibility of greater freedom and choice;  we do not have to go into the same old “mental ruts” that may have caused problems in the past.